A modern approach to a traditional practice.

About us

The Firm prides itself on family wealth planning and wealth preservation.  The Partners and administration support staff are proud to continue the legacy of their former firm, Morris & McVeigh LLP (now-dissolved).  Thus, while a new Firm, many of the client relationships are already decades long. The Firm’s goal is to serve all of its clients and their families for generations, whether that relationship starts today as part of original Trust or Will planning, as part of providing ongoing advice to Trustees, as acting Fiduciary or administer of Trusts, or as an advocate in fiduciary litigation.   

The Firm believes family harmony is paramount and that Trustees must be proactive in understanding the needs of beneficiaries while balancing those needs against the directives of the Grantor. 

The Firm also has an active practice in non-profit law.  As part of the holistic service to high net-worth clients who are charitably inclined, the Firm creates non-profit entities, seeks and obtains recognition of 501(c)(3) charitable status, maintains registrations required by various U.S. states, and generally advises the board of non-profits on the active administration of their respective charity.

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